Thursday, March 13

Can't believe it myself...

...but I just found myself ranked #6!! Of course being in a dead-heat with #7, I may slip back, but isn't it neat? You all are so sweet getting me to the first page and in the Top 10, but now I may actually get to the Top 5! HOW COOL IS THAT? What I am wondering is why when you vote am I not getting the emails with my ranking to get put into the freebie drawings to go with? Do you all just love me THAT much, that you are voting without concern to a freebie? GEEZ! Now that is what I call Feelin' the Love!

I will be around later today to hopefully show the freebie and something new. I have some running to do around noon and 3pm, so it is going to be a busy day, but I will get to you all ASAP!

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