Monday, March 31

Did you say a prayer today?

Yep, she's sick. REALLY REALLY SICK! KayLee has NEVER been sick like this before, poor little thing! She is such a trooper, though, she hasn't whined once (believe it or not!). If she is feeling 'yucky' she does her thing and lays back down. Then waits patiently for it to happen again! So, IF you aren't feeling sick right now, say a little prayer of thanks! We always pray when bad things happen, but never seem to remember to say thanks (even for the little things!!!) when all is well!

Eli's teacher called earlier about another thing, but she mentioned that she was on her way home to take care of her little sick Sydney, who happens to be in KayLee's preschool class! SO, it really must be going around! Take some vitamin C and wash your hands! HA HA! Back later....

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