Tuesday, March 4

Background to PreSchool Project

While uploading these pictures, I realized that I have a lot of new bloggers checking me out, THANKS to my wonderful friends and customers who are helping spread the word about my budding jewelry business. So, I figured if you came here looking for Sterling and got Paper, you might think you are lost! Hence my following 'clarification' paragraphs...

I have been an artist for a long time, since childhood when mom put me in art classes. The earliest art class I can remember is around 3rd grade with my neighborhood friend Becky while living in Texas. I know I liked 'creating' even before then when I used to make my own perfume with some kind of toy~kit, and also rearranging furniture in my three story barbie house (remember the one with the elevator?) while living in Florida. AND with mom having studied architectural design in college at Ball State, I have it in my blood.

So, since then, I have dabbled with a little of everything from cross-stitch to crochet and macrame to painting. But I have narrowed it down to just Paper and Jewelry as my weekly hobbies~turned~into~income. I love it! There is nothing like 'working' for money when you would do the same 'work' for free even if noone paid ya! How can I describe it better.... I know, it's like getting paid for playing! Of course I wouldn't necessarily agree to teaching three art classes a week for FREE. However, it makes the prep-time FUN. I get to test-out the projects with my kids; see how difficult they are for the same ages I am teaching, so it is working out well!

And, on that note, for those of you who are new, I teach three art classes. Well, two really. I teach kindergarten through 5th grade on Monday nights and 2-6 yearold PreSchoolers on Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings. Having no official art-school training, I am as astonished as you are that I am so comfortable in the art world. I have to thank my mom for instilling in me that it is okay to "think outside the box" and "look and be different" than everyone else. I think that is the foundation of my success, to not be afraid of failing, by trying something new.

Here's the PreSchool project for this week. SO FUN and simple for those 2 1/2 year olds in my class. Take some Press-n-Seal Glad wrap, lay it sticky side up. Put your cut-out words (HUGS...) down onto the sticky wrap, and cover with cut up tissue paper. Seal with another piece of Glad-wrap, rub them together and adhere the frame on the front with a tape runner. This project in the window gives you a stained glass effect and will be a wonderful gift for a dad on Father's Day. Now, for those dads who are staying for the class, they will just have to give it to Grandpa, or hope Mom doesn't mind the dark navy blue for Mother's Day!

Didn't it turn out cute?!


Anonymous said...

Looks really cute! Can't wait to see it in person.

Tiffany said...

LOVE THIS ONE!!!!! Will have to do this one with the kiddos too and probably do it for grandma's for mothers day. Thank you so much Nicole for ALL the inspiration you give me each and everyday!!!! Love ya!!!

KJ said...

That is too cute!