Monday, March 10

KayLee's Rainbow Fish

KayLee is so proud of her rainbow fish! I am guessing that it is because they are super shiny that kids just love to play with CD's; so this gives them permission. Of course, KayLee doesn't want to get it scratched up this time, because it is HERS... so we are going to hang it from the light in her room. Maybe this will teach her and the other preschoolers to respect CDs a little more.

It is hard to see, but she had a great time creating the side and tail-fins using pencil colors. I cut the mouth using a heart shape and made the top and bottom fins from the same cardstock to make it all come together. I think she is just a cute little thing, and KayLee is, too! I can't wait to attach the googley eyes!

I am off to get ready for class tonight! MOSAICS with tissue paper!

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Tiffany said...

Oh so cute!!!! Kaylee did a great job!!