Monday, March 3


I am ALMOST in the TOP 10!!!! GEEZ O PETE! I went to teach tonight's art class and came home ranked at 12!!! THAT is awesome! Thanks, EVERYONE! WOW, the compliments, too! Can't hardly believe how sweet you all are to me! I AM BLUSHIN'!

OK, so I guess with all the votes, I have to make the next freebie ANOTHER extra nice one, ya think? Can anyone say Swarovski? (Sir-off-ski) or some say (Sar-off-ski)... NO matter, either way it means, the best crystals you can buy and wear on your fingers, wrist, ears or neck! So, which should it be? OK... I am going to take my first poll. I haven't done that yet, so it may not be glitch-free, but we'll try!

I am out of practice with the ring~thing, plus everyone wears all different sizes, so we will leave that one out. SO, bracelet, earrings, necklace or another keychain or a surprise (I have an idea, IF you trust me ;o} )... I will keep the poll open until Monday (after the Armory Show, so I have more time to make it)!

And, on that note, that is even if I decide to DO the Armory Show. I just don't feel up to it and don't have much to show, so after I take inventory of what I have to sell I will decide if I will attend it or not. Till then, take the poll and vote tomorrow for another entry for the PRIZE you all will DECIDE! How cool is that?

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