Monday, March 3

Are you too Pure to be Pink!?!

Pink and Black is an awesome color combo to me. Kind of reminds me of the innocence of a sweet young lady; yet at the same time the black thrown in there makes that same girl a little NAUGHTY! HEE HEE! Sharp for any season, any style of wardrobe, too! Sandy, again, has first dibs! She saw these last weekend and wanted to see them strung up, as well. $68.00 for this one. It is priced higher than the other due to the numerous/larger sterling beads, spacers and beadcaps throughout the bracelet. It reminds me of the Pink Ladies on Grease!

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Tiffany said...

We all so need one of these!!!! Remember Pink Ladies from the other night??? This could be our "thing" like the pink ladies on Grease had the pink jackets.LOL!!!!