Friday, March 14


GEEZ OH PETE, I just HAD to share this! This is a picture of one of my new 'voter-friends' who was determined to get me in the TOP FIVE!!! (Yeah, I am still there!)

Oh, wait a minute... THE DOG DIDN'T WANT ME IN THE TOP FIVE! The one HOLDING THE DOG! HA HA HA! She sent me this picture because she found the earlier post of KayLee wearing her new sunglasses to be a hoot and had to share this picture of her 'baby', RIGGS, wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun! I honestly think I woke up Scott when I saw this because I laughed so loud! Thanks, Robyn for the cute picture and the VOTES!

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Robb_eeie said...

Oh my goodness, this dog is adorable, cute, sweet, kind, loving ... gee I'm running out of words to describe what a photogenic, personable canine Riggs is. {*wink*}

So I'm POSITIVE he must take after his Mom ~ you know, the one holding him and who Votes for your jewellery ! hehehe

Riggs' Mom :0)