Monday, March 3

AND the KEYCHAIN goes to....

KELLEY LEUCK of Jasper, Indiana!!!

KayLee was more than happy to stop eating her oranges (see her wiping her hands) to help make someone a WINNER today! She dug down deep (blurry, sorry) into my cappaccino frothing can and revealed today's winner of the gorgeous keychain! All I have to say is that it PAYS TO VOTE! This lovely person emailed friends about my blog and voted nearly every single day since I started doing the 'voting-thing' AND remembered to email me about it! There is no way for me to know who votes unless you email me, hence why I tell you to email me my ranking. I will post the next freebie in the next day or so. Keep voting to win the next drawing, on Monday March 17th!!

Thank you, Kelly, for being my biggest supporter for this drawing!
I will bring your prize tomorrow when I see you!

KayLee was distracted watching Dora, at this point.
Boy she has a short attention span! HA HA!

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Tiffany said...

Congrats Kelly Leuck!!!! Enjoy this awesome looking keychain.