Sunday, March 23

Prayer Request

For my dad. He has been having heart problems today and is in the Critical Care Unit at his hospital in Morristown, TN. He is going to have a heart cath tomorrow morning to search for blockage or other problems. He almost had a heart attack when he was 49 (now he's 68), but since he went to the hospital due to the nausea and other symptoms, the doctors were able to keep it from going to a full blown attack.

Dad's pulse rate was down to 25 beats per minute at one point today and they have not yet been able to stabilize his heart, so there is reason for concern. My mom is being tough, making phone calls for dad and keeping my sister and me informed periodically through the day. Pray for her, too, as this is not easy for her either, I am sure.

Blessings on your Easter Evening!
I will be in touch soon!

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Robb_eeie said...

Nicole, I was saddened to read about your Dad's health and him being in the hospital currently. I shall certainly say a few prayers for your Dad and Mom, along with the rest of your family.
I hope tomorrow they are able to clear the blockage, if any, and determine what exactly is going on in that area.
My heartfelt thoughts go out to you all, and I shall keep positive thoughts that your Dad will be fine and back home with your Mom very quickly.
Be well and please keep me posted.