Friday, March 14

DM's Eclectic Style

LOOK at these gorgeous beads!! I have been busy today working on stuff for the Vendor show over Easter weekend. I also was busy with Ms. K (my newest customer from Florida) figuring out which beads she wanted from this selection to string up for her next bracelet. Aren't these gorgeous? NO, again I did not make these wonderful lampwork beads. Someday I shall try to tackle a torch and glass, but for now, I am choosing to NOT burn my house to the ground as so many lampwork artists have stories of doing!

IF you see some beads in the picture that you just have to have, please let me know and I will order some for you. You have some time to burn, though, as orders will not be taken for another 2 weeks or more! Orders have been closed for Round 1. If you want to know who makes these, I will tell ya. Otherwise, I try to keep my sources of lamp artists a secret to try to keep an edge up on the rest, you know how it goes... COMPETITION! If you are a jewelry designer, you know what I am talking about. The only way to keep ahead of the game is to keep your fabulous sources unknown!

This gal is seriously one of the best, her quality is awesome and flair for fun shows through her beads. ALL styles of lampwork vary according to the artist's style and I like that. Some are more crafty with animals and bugs, some are organic and natural-looking, some are artistic.... DM's are a combination of all of the above, her style is definately eclectic, there's always something for everyone in her lampwork!

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