Saturday, March 8

Pink Ladies Necklace!

I am so glad that I bought this set of beads! They are fabulous! I had just enough to make a bracelet, keychain AND a necklace. I was just cleaning off my beading table to re-organize, put beads back, wind up some earrings with the left over crystals I pulled from the past few days (it's easier to make earrings than put them all back away!) and came across this final set of beads ready to be made into a necklace. I honestly forgot about them! HOW DARE ME!! This easily came together with imitating the bracelet's design, compare the two below... Didn't it turn out great? The length can be made to your specification as the clasp isn't on yet. I like this style around 20", unless you are skinny-skinny, 18" is good, too. All sterling and Rose Swarovski!

So, first dibs go to Ms. K, from Florida, since she bought the bracelet!
If she doesn't, then I will publish the price for you all to grab!

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