Sunday, March 16


I have been slow to get things going today. I finally figured out a great project for the K-5th grade class for tomorrow night and just started working on their sample. It looks cute. I am going to make another and post some pics later.

I have been recovering from the weekend. I had to get all of my stuff ready for the CROP on Friday night, so I was up later than I anticipated. THEN the CROP happened. I did more talking with new customers than anything, I think. And I spoke with a couple that was a vendor at the Crop. They have a store on Main Street in Henderson, KY, called Serendipity. They are so sweet and carry some really cool scrapbook items as well as antiques. Don't look for a website, they don't have one up and running yet, but are hoping to get some things set up in the future so you can see their class offerings and products. Keep them in mind if you are ever in the area. They are really super people who care about their customers! They even tore down a display to put back together in a kit for a friend of mine. They were determined to let her leave happy! Gotta love that!

I have one project down (the above) and another to go for the preschoolers. The one I was planning on doing may be too challenging, for those little guys so I think I might just make theirs a group project this week. I would really love to have them make one big painting to then leave hung up in the Art Studio/class room for future classes to admire. So, once I figure out the supply situation to see if it is doable, I will make it or something else happen!

Check back on some pics of the projects later and don't forget to vote! You only have three more days to get your entries in for the freebie necklace, so make them count!

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