Sunday, March 16

Light my Fire!

As promised, here's our next k-5 project for tomorrow night. This is a fantastic project that I found out about through my friend, Tiffany. She told me to use tissue paper, stamp on it, color it in and then heat emboss it onto the outside of a candle. SIMPLE! So, since the kids asked to do something Easter-y last week, I will give them their wish with something pretty, topped off with a "Happy Easter" ribbon. The ribbon can be added to the bottom, top, middle or anywhere in between. Oh, and this is Eli's attempt at winking. He used to be able to do it; I think he forgot now!

Blessings on your evening!


KJ said...

Told ya it was tissue paper! ;) Those candles turned out super duper cute!

Tiffany said...

Jordan's candle turned out too cute!!! These are so much fun making aren't they???