Wednesday, March 19


WOW, upside down is: MOM! Well, it looks as if sending out an invitation to your friends (about my blog) works! Thanks, Mom for spreading the word about my blog! Doing that won you the necklace! {OH, and I was on the phone with a friend during the drawing, who can back me up with Isaac doing the drawing all on his own! HA HA!} Stay tuned for the next Freebie; I will be posting it soon!

Thank YOU to everyone who voted for me to #5 on the first page! Don't forget to keep voting for the next freebie, Voting starts NOW and since it will be a smaller Freebie, Drawing will be next Wednesday at noon (OR SO!!!) again! You can get up to 17 votes ~ one for each day until next Wednesday and 10 more for passing along an email to your friends and family about my blog! Ready? Get SET... GO!!!!!!


Tiffany said...

Oh man, I soooooo wanted that necklace!!!!!

Congrats to your mom. I am sure she will love it!!!!

Anderson Arts Online said...

Yes, MOM called and was super excited that she won it! She is surely one of my biggest fans eventhough she hasn't paid for anything! DAD keeps doing that! HA HA!