Monday, March 17

PreSchool Project of the Week

Credit for this quick and easy frame goes to my girlfriend AMY! She is a lot more creative than she gives herself credit for! I actually pulled this together in less than 10 minutes by going through my scrap drawers... The gold checkerboard paper was already made. I must have not liked something about it when I was designing it for a card. There just so happened to be a flower already diecut sitting there just itchin' to be picked! I punched out some smaller flowers, glued them on, tied on some scrap ribbon, put on some glitter glue and VOILAA!!! OH, and I attached the screw through the bulldog clip and spun on the nut to give it the 'easel' on back. Isn't this super? I think it is REAALLLY SUPAH!

I know I threw it together fast, but of course, 2-5 year olds will take longer. Perfect for their mom or dad to help them design up into something in the 90 minutes we have. What better way is there to get rid of scraps? I have so much stuff that I decided not to use when designing this or that left in my bins, so it should not be that hard for everyone to come up with something. I also plan on taking my punches (flowers, hearts, stars) and stickles glitter glue, as well. It will be a good time, I am sure!

I dug up this picture out of its' original picture envelope, it had never been on display yet and it looks like I planned the color scheme! How ironic! I hope you like it! I think the flower is a bit high and a bit too big, but for 10 minutes~time, what can I expect? I think KayLee looks cute on this darling little project, too!!

Have a good day!

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Tiffany said...

This is (like Kelly would say) TOO STINKIN CUTE!!!!!! The colors do match your picture perfect!!! Again I will have to try this one with my kids. This would make perfect Mother's Day gifts for the grandma's and put the picture of the three kiddos on it for them. Thanks again for a great idea!!!!