Monday, March 24

Art Projects for the FINAL Week!

This weeks' classes are cuter than ever! I thought I would do something that could be kept as a keepsake for the kids. The top one (preschool) is just a collage using scrapbook magazines. I cut out layouts (scrapbook pages) that were shot for the scrapbook articles. I cut out the other people in the photos and will add KayLee's pictures where there are offwhite boxes! KayLee helped pick out what flowers and items she liked from the magazine; I almost died when I lost the Minnie Mouse!! But, I found it, so all is good! This is so easy to do and fun!

Eli is sporting the 2008 stamped on countertop tiles and with yarn and pipe cleaners just made a fun show-y wall hanging! The final tile at the bottom shows Eli's school picture! He had fun making this with me!

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