Friday, September 19

Teal Flowers KeyBling

Teal Flowers, Sparkly silver and Blue Zircon Swarovski crystals are sure to bring a SHOUT-OUT to your keys and purse! This one is not for the timid! You are sure to have people commenting on this keybling, so be ready!!!

Priced at just $32.00, this is a PERFECT gift for that someone that has EVERYTHING and is so hard to shop for! Do you know who I mean? The mother-in-law, babysitter, god-mother or teacher who means so much, but is so hard to buy for? Well, if you know that they love blues and greens, or especially TEAL!!!... this would be a perfect gift! And, remember, you are NOT chintzing out on quality! This is made of all sterling silver, the finest crystals in the world and QUALITY crafted, HAND-MADE GLASS BEADS!!

You may ask... 'HOW can you sell it so inexpensively then?'... Let me tell you. Sterling silver is not all that expensive. When you purchase at a department store or even a jewelry store, they have to pay for all those middle men to buy the materials, design it up, ship it, ADVERTISE AND SELL IT! Well, you get all that from Little Ole' ME! So, since I get wholesale pricing, and I only price it to get my cost back and a tiny bit for my time, I can pass these awesome prices to the public! Don't forget blogging is FREE, too! If I sold it through a website, that would raise the cost a bit. SO, until I get the store up, enjoy these lower prices NOW!!!

Thanks, JENNA!


KJ said...

wowza, that's a bunch of turquoise! Super cute!

Flower said...

I wonder if this can come in orange and ruby colors too.