Saturday, September 6

Wild Asparagus 7 - olive

I love thank you cards! You can always find someone to thank for something that they did! I think I should send this one (since I was able to make two of these) to my hair dresser for my hot new hair cut. OH, think, Jon & Kate Plus 8, off of The Learning Channel. NOW picture her RED! Yeah, that is me now!

I am afraid of what my friends are going to say because it is SOOOOO short and SOOOOO dark! I used to be blond! ACK! HA HA! My hubby wishes it was lighter, but I told him to wait a week and it will wash out some. WHY can't they make red permanent like blond? Well, I asked this to my hair dresser and she said that in blond dyes, they are actually REMOVING pigments from your hair, but with red, the dyes are actually coating the hair. Okay, so that totally makes sense! RIGHT?

One or two left! Check back for another later!

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