Friday, September 5

Wild Asparagus 4 - coral

Here's a more simple card that was inspired by a card that was given to me by my friend, Amy. She has a simple style that makes cards SMASHING! I have seen this card every day since she gave it to me back in may after I had my surgery. It is posted in my kitchen on a memo board that I look at all of the time. I have always loved this card's simplicity and the layout of the design, so I snagged it for this one! NO, if you are wondering, NO, Amy doesn't have a blog for you to browse, but I wish she did!

Again, this is another card that can be for any occasion! I made three of these cards out of this set of papers. I need to run these cards out to This Olde House sometime today! Toodles!

A few more YET to COME!

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