Tuesday, September 16

Hummingbirds on my Backporch Part 2!

A little more lengthy, just ignore the kids in this one... they were getting ready for bed! Oh, I guess I should mention WHY I am posting this. WELL, all this summer, all we had were two or three hummingbirds hanging around us. That is it. So, we are guessing that these are birds that are migrating south, maybe? And found the feeder to stock up on the sugar water to keep heading south? I don't know, but they sure have been fun to watch and BOY, will I miss hearing their squeeks and seeing their dive-bombing techniques to keep the uninvited at bay!

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Anonymous said...

My goodness.. that's a lot of hummers at once. We have about 5 that visit but not all at the same time like this. Last year we had a dominite male and this year we have a little chubby female hummer that won't let the others near the feeder. Drives me nuts! LOL It's too funny to go outside and hear her "yell" at me because she wants to sit on top of the feeding hanger. -Lisa