Friday, September 19

Lime & Royal KeyBling

Another striking KeyBling for the BOLD & BEAUTIFUL peeps out there!

Priced at a meager $32.00, this is a very affordable gift for yourself, your best friend or the teen babysitter who is getting her driver's license! OR, how about this? Because of the VIBRANT COLORS, this is just PERFECT for that gal that keeps losing her keys! She will be sure to find them more easily with this noticeable color combo! HA HA!

Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals in Lime and Capri Blue and FUN lampwork make this a OOAK (one-of-a-kind) Anderson Arts ORIGINAL! I love the square lime pillows of glass with the swirly sapphire blue flowers applied to them! Kind of retro-modern, in a way! Cool, huh? Email me for questions or to make it yours!


I am in the wire and lampwork mode,
so be sure to check out for more this weekend!
Maybe even TODAY!!!


KJ said...

I LOVE THIS! So bright and fun!

Diane said...

All your keyblings are so fun, funky and totally fabulous. Love everyone of them. I've been wanting to make scissor bligns. I may just have to order from you. Love your work!!! So glad I found you.

Love the scripture verse on your blog!!!!