Sunday, September 7

New Cards

Good Afternoon PEEPS! I managed to get in some craftytime at the paper-side of the hobby room this weekend. Just a little though. I did work up some cards from that paper set that I posted on Saturday! I took that picture on Friday, so I was able to use the paper set (again by My Mind's Eye: Wild Asparagus) Friday night. I made up just a small batch of 7 or so cards so far. I still have some of it left, but think I am going to move on to another craft. I get bored easy and NO I do not have ADHD! HA HA!

I will post some pics as soon as I find the camera again! I can never remember where I put it last. OR is my hubby just foolin' with me? I'll have to ask him.... hmm....

I need to take inventory of my crystals and sterling silver to place a replenishment order tonight, so after that I think I am going to make up some new bracelets from some new lampwork sets you haven't seen yet. So, that's the plan, MAN!


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