Friday, September 5

Wild Asparagus

Good FRIDAY Morning! I don't know if I should admit why I didn't post another card last night or not. Well, as long as you don't judge me....

I slept. FOR ELEVEN HOURS! YEP, went to bed about 6:30pm, got up this morning at 5:30am, as usual. Of course I could have slept even longer, which scares me to think that I needed OVER 12 hours of sleep. Man, I must be stressin'!

Here's an odd angle of a birthday card I made last weekend. You can just see the inside detail in the upper corner.... This is for Denise (PeanutBee)! She always decorates the inside of her cards, where as I always decorate my envelopes. SO, since she gave me a shoutout and decorated an envelope I figured I would return the favor! Actually ALL of the cards that will be posted ARE decorated on the inside somehow (THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION, DENISE!), but the pictures aren't showing it. I forgot to take pics of the inside! UGH! Goes to show what 'exhaustion and the need-for-sleep' does to you!

This card, as well as the previous card, are using some older Wild Asparagus paper that I have had on my shelf since like forever! I seem to use SUP! paper more, but have decided to go out of my way to get rid of the old stuff before buying much more of the new!

I have more cards for your sketch-scraplifting pleasure, so check back after the kids go to school! Go see Denise, she is one talented lady! AND she just joined yet ANOTHER design team, too! So you may want to check out Taylored Expressions, I LOVE their stamp images, just too cute!


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