Saturday, September 13

Is this for YOU?

Good evenin' Peeps! One of my friends ordered up this keybling for a friend of her's. She said her gal pal loves blues and greens... THINK WATERS, tropical, oceanic, swamp... NAH! HA HA! Just kiddin'!

SO, with this 'sea-inspiration', I tackled the bead-side of the room today and swirled up this beautiful KeyBling!! Well, Miss X said it was perfect! WOO HOO! Thank YOU for the order, Ms. X! {I can't use her name, or you might figure out who it is for!} I appreciate it!

If you would like me to whip up a keybling for you or one of your friends, let me know your color selection and I will make it for your review. IF you like it, then I can zap you a paypal invoice. IF you don't, I will make it available to the public and then try again! You are not committed to purchasing just by requesting! NUFF SAID! And, don't forget, I use only Swarovski crystals, (the best crystal you can purchase in the world, literally), nothing plated, ONLY sterling silver is used! AND of course, I use the best quality lampwork beads anywhere! If you don't know what lampwork is, look in the left-hand column for the "what is lampwork?" section!

Well, I gotta go! I have an order of 15 ScissorBlings to make up within the next 48 hours! Thank YOU, MS. Z for that order!!! Can't tell you who that is either! I love being sneaky!



JenMarie said...


Tiffany Bauer said...

This is super pretty!!!!

Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

Since I doubt my friend will ever find out about this (early) I just wanted to say THANKS SO MUCH for making this gorgeous piece for me!!

I know my friend will love it, as the colors were exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again,
"Miss X" hee hee