Thursday, September 25

Josh's Senior Portraits

Senior Pictures sure have come a long way since I was a Senior in 1989. Nearly 20 years later, my son is graduating from High School (May 09) and having 'Senior Portraits' is a must. Around here in Jasper, folks put out an easy grand on their kids' photos.


Look at these! How can you NOT want to purchase them ALL??? If you know Josh, or not, let me tell you that he is the most shy 18 year old around. And for these natural smiles that I see all the time at home to be put into print makes my heart sing and my tears fall. I can hardly believe that he is as old as I was when I met and married his father. Although our marriage ended sooner than later, I have to say, that Josh is such a beautiful person, inside and out. I just wish he would let others see these smiles, grins and smirks more often.

Enjoy these pictures if you can avoid seeing the word PROOF across his forehead, chin and cheek. While I totally understand why they do that, I have to tell you, that L & L Photography didn't need to for me. I am more than willing to pay them for their time and talents of taking such beautiful pictures of my son and would never even think of trying to steal these images by scanning, copying and printing them out for myself.

ANYHOO, here's my Josh....


Robb_eeie said...

**Hubba Hubba** Josh :) <---- OK Nicole, don't tell him I posted that or he'll likely erase all of his pics! haa !
I really enjoy the B&W pics where he's casually dressed with his hands in his pockets. My favorite however, has to be the one where he's coming out of the doorway/house and peering around the corner of the brick ~~ he just looks so mischievous [like his Mom!] and lighthearted.
How could you not buy them all? Eeeek! Better get stringing some beads to pay for them =)

KJ said...

Um...WOWZA!! I think my favorite ones are of him against the brick wall and the ones by the tracks.....WOW! I don't know what else to say!!