Monday, September 8

More Wild Asparagus - 2

Martha Stewart glitter makes this birthday card extra special!! AND baja breeze has quickly become my all-time favorite SUP! color!!! This glitter matches perfectly, so you gotta love that! This is the only card that I made so far with the sage-y blue plaid paper from this set.

I guess I just loved this lilac floral paper with the elegant eggplant and lilac bazzill cardstock I had in the original set and didn't put them all together. This was the last piece of floral lilac paper I had from the original 12" x 12" paper! I used the entire sheet!

Check back for two more in a bit!

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Tiffany Bauer said...

You are rockin' the cards!!! Great job!!

Stop by my blog- I left you an award!!