Sunday, September 14

Damage by Mother Nature

Mother Nature must be PMS'ing or something! HA HA! Take a looksie outside my back door! I live next door to a park. You will see two trees totally twisted up and gone! Such a shame, too, these were beautiful shade tree that blocked a lot of the sun in the afternoon.

Notice that our yellow slide is all twisted around, too! You can tell from what is LEFT of the tarp, it will need to be replaced next summer. Oh, yeah, and that IS our pool that has been blown into a tiny mound next to the park's fence.

You can see both trees in the park that fell down in the second picture. ((CLICK on the pictures to see them enlarged)).

The third picture is our shed being hit with a large broken-off branch. I am so happy that my beautiful trees didn't blow down, I would have cried!

The fourth picture is a closer up picture of the tree farthest down the park near the midway point of our lot. I guess it is good that only HALF of the tree fell down. Maybe the other half will survive. I guess we will see.

The final picture is of our apple tree. I hope the deer come tonight and eat up those apples! They are just too tart for me to eat, although I do catch my hungry kids attempting to eat those sour apples at times!

Thank GOODNESS we are all okay and the roof's shingles stayed on this time!

Blessings on your night and be sure to count them when you go to bed!


KJ said...

Crazy stuff!!! Our backyard neighbor had part of her tree break. We didn't have too much damage here, though.

Kathleen said...

oh my Nicole. That's SCARY. I didn't know Ike had that far reaching of an affect. There hasn't been much on the news except the stock market plunge so I've lost track. I hope you don't lose the trees with the tops out too.

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Yeah, she seems to be PMS'ing all over the place lately. Glad you're all okay. :)

We had a wind shear come through a few years back and had trees down. One fell right onto our brand new shed. Ohhh, so perfect (not!) landing!