Sunday, September 21

Just Because I Care

The last in the series of Stamped Simplicity, at least for now!!!!!!! I LOVE these cards! I will be sure to make more so I can rid myself of some ribbon to make room for MORE of course!! HA HA!

The leafy image is stamped in Red Riding Hood red and the sentiment is in Chocolate Chip. The ribbon has a black, not brown, sheen, but I didn't want to use black for the sentiment. Just too stark in my opinion. SO, I softened it up with Chocolate Chip instead AND it still works fine!

RED and BROWN is the 'new pink and brown' from last year. The pink and brown color-combo could be seen just about everywhere! From furnishings to wardrobe those colors were inseparable! Well, "Goodbye PINK" and "Hello RED"! (NOT that I am happy about it, since PINK is my favorite all time color!) BUT the red is a nice fresh look for brown, so I guess it is okay! I am just waiting for pink and gray and pink and green to come back next summer. Remember those from the 80's?? Crap, I think I just outed-myself on my age!

The color choices are appropriate for the sentiment, I think. Soothing colors for someone who is sad due to divorce, receiving bad news, losing a job or just having a fight with their spouse! Unisex again with the LEAF-y (not floral) image and strong color choices!

If you would like some cards made up for gift-giving at Christmas, some birth announcements or Shower invitations, just email me for a quote! I am working on some birth announcements right now for a lampwork-friend of mine. I made her some as a gift when she had her baby last year, well she liked them so much she just ordered some for her best friend who was due yesterday! Still no word that she popped yet!

I will return later with something new!


Kathleen said...

That is so pretty Nicole. Elegant and simple. I love your red and brown combination too.

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Yes, they have ALL been so pretty but this one is especially stunning with the wonderful color combo!