Saturday, July 12

Summer Lampwork FUN!

Do you know anyone who is a ladybug collector? This top lampwork set is sure to please that lover of ladybugs! The cute clean, white flowers (lentil shape) with those tiny bugs are so perfectly sculpted, too! Transparent green, leaf-embellished lampwork really makes this set say 'SUMMER'!

Or how about someone who lives and dies by Strawberry-ANYTHING??

{I wish these were raspberries, that is my personal favorite. Raspberry gum, Raspberry body products, Raspberry cheesecake, Raspberry ANYTHING!} Well, if you know someone like me, but who just LOOOOOOOOOOVES strawberries, the bottom set would be PERFECT for them all strung up in a bracelet. I am also willing to break up the set and throw two or three of the strawberries into a KeyBling, so that is an option for a less-expensive gift to give.

I am eager to get these ready for the online store, which should be opening before the end of July! Perfect summery artisan jewelry to offer during the grand opening, don't ya think?

Check back tomorrow for even MORE LAMPWORK VIEWING! (and a possible paper-item, as well!)

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JenMarie said...

Oh, totally adorable! Nicole, your work is amazing!!