Thursday, July 31

Ah, Nature

I thought nothing could bring down my spirits this morning! I got on the scale and am back down to where I was a month ago (lost 6lbs) - that Chicago Pizza...

THEN, I looked outside to the garden, my daily ritual since we have deer that live in the woods behind our house... Look at what last night's storm did to it....

One corn-stalk, maybe two survived the second batch of corn we planted. The first three rows survived, their stalks were strong enough for the wind. The second three rows, not so lucky.
We were letting some lettuce go to seed, the storm uprooted those - see corn top left laying on the zucchs.

And the most disheartening picture... three rows of corn, just tasseling, wasted. If you look up top you can just see the corn has taken off a chunk of the zucchini plant, from which I got yet another four since yesterday morning! I guess I am going to have to move the corn since it is laying all over the cantaloupe and could kill that if I don't.

Tons to do, so I better go! Have a great day!

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KJ said...

OMG!! All my hard work watering that garden for a few days all wasted! (just kidding) But, that is disheartening!! I'm so sorry!!! And that garden is awesome....still is, though.