Sunday, July 13

Wine Lovers WATCH OUT!

OKAY, seriously, I won't care if NO ONE wants to purchase this bracelet once it is strung up! This will be a great addition to the jewelry box that already holds my 'strawberry, lime Margarita bracelet'!

Did you notice the grapes that are embellished on the smaller beads on either side of the center lentil?! Too CUTE! Isn't this just to DIE FOR? Obviously, if you are not a 'Vino-Lover' this is not for you, but I don't mind a nice Cabernet with my steak now and then when I go out to a fancy restaurant! These lampwork beads are in soothing colors of mushroom-taupe and an almost brown burgundy. Along with a splash of golden yellow and some ivory swirls, this set just POPS! Email me to reserve it before someone else does! (addy in profile)

Enjoy your evening!

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