Thursday, July 31

Tomorrow's Friday?? Wow, that went fast!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I am still recovering from last week's hiatus in Chicago. It is amazing what four days from home will do to the inbox! Oh, yes, I could have had access to the internet at my hotel... for a mere .35 a MINUTE!!!!!!! YIKERRRRS!

Uh, no thanks....

So, besides returning emails, getting orders whipped up and ordering yet more sterling for the stash, I have been working on my cards for the SheetLoad of Cards mini-issue debut of August 15th. I came up with some pretty cute cards with my sketch, IMHO (in my humble opinion). I seem to have a time-consuming problem of staging and taking pictures of them. This is probably because when I am done creating the card, the creative-side of my brain shuts off and thinks I am 'done' with it. SO, then I can't seem to get the cards propped nicely to show the cards well in the pictures. UGH!

I STILL haven't had time to make my zucchini bread either... Nor have I totally unpacked my suitcase... The kitchen needs mopping... Crap, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow! I am seeing a pattern.... You?

Ok, so if I get off the computer now, I will get more done, right? I am nearly burnt out, so I will just do something small off the list, take a nice long shower, put on my smushy socks, hop into some comfy p.j.'s and grab a magazine to read in bed for awhile. Or maybe I will just go to bed now... fully clothed, no shower, takes less energy to do it that way, huh? NAH, just joking!

Enjoy the rest of the night and I will see ya'll in the morn!

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