Tuesday, July 15

SheetLoad of Cards' MINI ISSUE

I told you last month that I would be designing for SheetLoad of Cards... Well TODAY is the first mini-issue!!! Normally, SheetLoad just has ONE sketch, on the first of the month. Well, now Alicia has TWO sketches a month, the second being on the 15th of the month!

MY first issue is to appear on August 15th; I switch months with Ann and Alicia also uses the 15th as a time to showcase other artists, as well. TODAY is Ann's first issue, so go take a look! If you end up making a batch of cards from the sketch, link it to this post so I can see yours!

I will post mine later this week, so check back!

1 comment:

Ann said...

Hi Nicole, if you make some cards, link them to my blog, I'm doing a draw for a RAK for everyone who does them!