Thursday, July 17


Transparent lime beads with dots and sparkly swirls of light beige make these beads shine! Great for summer and perfect coordination with those hot neon greens that are so popular on the clothes racks right now!

If I can't get to this set right away, I will probably set it aside for next spring/summer's artisan line. It's not like lampwork ever goes out of style! Lampwork has been around for hundreds of years; all in different shapes and styles, depending on the lampwork artist making them. But, really, these beads are FOREVER. They are glass! Not plastic that will split, not cheapy metal that will dent and bend.

Albeit, diamonds are unbreakable, but these lampwork beads are made soooooooo strong! Just a few days ago, I dropped my KeyBling (keychain, for those newbie readers) in the parking lot at a grocery store. And, prior to this, I have dropped my lampwork on ceramic tile, the drive way, wood floors and more. NOT ONE lampwork bead has broken yet (KNOCK ON WOOD!)! I know of some lampwork artists that put their lampwork in their garden so that when they are tilling or just digging around in the dirt they get surprised with a bead every now and then. Isn't that fun (although still weird?)?

I am headed to the beading table yet again! Back later!

Last set of lampwork TONIGHT!
Check Back!


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your site and love your beads. I am kind of new to jewelry making myself...but wonder, how do I go about ordering some of your beads? I don't see any prices....thanks so much for your lovely blog and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sherry Trojanowski
Steger, IL

KJ said... first glance, with the beads strung together like this, it looks like a caterpillar!