Thursday, July 24


AH, Swarovski!

Did you know that Swarovski makes the Best Crystals you can purchase? SO, that is the reason why I use ONLY Swarovski! NOT lesser quality Czech beads or Czech crystals! Swarovski crystals are colored glass crystals. Czech beads are clear crystals with a colored coating inside around the stringing hole, which can wear off. Czech beads also don't have that depth and sparkle like Swarovski crystals do.

Here is a wonderful little rainbow bracelet made entirely of sterling silver and Swarovski! I have made this type of bracelet for babies, young adults and adults, too! Price varies according to length, beginning at JUST $15.00! I have also made this variety style in just purples and another in grays (clear, silvery grays to black). I have nearly every color of crystal that Swarovski makes, (like 12 different purples, over 15 different blues, etc), so if you have a favorite color, and seem to wear it a lot, a simple blingy bracelet is sure to be the perfect accessory to your wardrobe!

You may also wish to incorporate a little dangle/charm at the clasp, too. I have one supplier that has EVERY charm imaginable! Like, how about Scissors for the crafter? An artist's pallet for the painter? A microphone for the singer? Ok, maybe not the microphone, but a musical note would be perfect! Coffee bean for the cappuccino connoisseur? Or a simple word, like Mom, Sister, Love, Hope, Brat? . . . . Adding a charm can be a very custom, yet, inexpensive touch to this style of bracelet!

Let me know if you want me to string one up for ya!


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JenMarie said...

Oooo, Ok, seriously gotta start a "I want from Nicole WISH list"!! LOL!
...this bracelet...scissor charm...etc.
LOVE your stuff!
Hope to be getting something soon!