Sunday, July 27

Sunday Evening UPDATE 2!

Thanks to my girlie, Kelly, not only did my garden NOT DIE, but it EXPLODED while I was vacationing in Chicago for the past four days! BEFORE I left, I stripped the garden of any edible produce, especially zucchinis and cucumbers.... Well, look below! I had left a few 3-4" zucchinis and they grew to well over 12" long! So, they may not be that great for steaming, but I think all shredded up, they will be perfect for zucchini cakes and bread! If you have a SUPAH recipe I should try, please let me know!

OH, and this picture doesn't include what Kelly took home either! Kelly was watering the garden as we pulled up the driveway! So, I threw some cucumbers and a few heads of lettuce at her to take home. We seriously can't keep up with the garden! The watermelon and cantaloupe are just a tad shy of being ready for picking, but when they are, Kelly will have a couple of those too for her wonderful help of keeping the garden growing!

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