Wednesday, July 2

OH, BRAD{s}!

Don't you hate it when something ALMOST happens to you, then doesn't, and you aren't grateful?

WELL... last weekend I almost dumped this very same container of brads. While I WAS glad that it didn't happen, I guess I should have said a prayer of thanks, because this is what I found at the bottom of my croppin' bag when I unpacked this afternoon. (YES, I KNOW it has been three days!)

I just think it is weird when those things happen. Whether you believe in karma, coincidence or luck, I was sure that I packed this well-enough so it wouldn't come apart. I am sure it had NOTHING {wink wink} to do with those 17 steps up the deck to the driveway in my 150+ lb. bag jerking back and forth, step upon step upon step....

Maybe this will make me think twice before buying even MORE brads.... NAH!!!!!!

THANKS, JOSH for separating them for me!
You are such a good son!


Tiffany Bauer said...

What a sweetie!!!!

BTW, I just tagged you. Go to my blog for the details!!

KJ said...

I hope you paid him well for sorting those out for you!! ROFL! What a good guy he is! Yay Josh!