Thursday, July 17


Slap me SILLY! Aren't these beads just SHOCKING??? Totally fabulous colors of peach with an almost coral-tone along with gold on a lavender/burgundy base make these beads get noticed! I can't wait to show off this set SOON in the online store!

If you are wondering, these prior and future bead sets ARE lampworked beads. There are a lot of designers out there that use glass beads and claim that they are handmade-lampworked beads, but really what they are selling are pressed glass beads made by machines! The prices I list on my artisan jewelry pieces are far more than reasonable. I enjoy beading and adore working with lampworked beads; however, in order to do that and keep things flowing in and out of the house I price my items as low as I can without going "under" financially.

For instance, this bead set averages $5.00 a bead. Glass-pressed beads, made by machine are anywhere between .10 to .50! YES, CENTS! But don't be fooled. There are a lot of designers that still charge outrageous amounts for their cheap beads! I have recently come across designers charging upwards and OVER five times the amount of their cost! Holy Crapola! I do understand that you need to upcharge a bit, so that you make a little money for your time, etc., but OVER 5 TIMES? If I did that, these beads (in a bracelet) would end up costing near $225.00 after adding for the sterling findings and Swarovski crystals!!!

And while I know of many online sites that DO charge these amounts for bracelets, which incorporate lampwork, I just can't do it. Almost seems like raping customer's pocket-books! I would rather keep the inventory moving so that I can keep designing and playing with my beads... so I price on the low end.

I welcome anyone to compare my jewelry line's quality to any other designer around. I know you will be able to see the difference not only in my workmanship but ALSO in my artisan-style and design-composition!

Back in a bit with another set!

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