Friday, July 25


For those newbie readers I have of late...

Here is an update on my earring line! Do you ever have an outfit or dress that you just can't match jewelry to? AND sometimes you just need a splash of color? Not just gold or silver or diamonds? Well, these Ear dangles are the way to go! You take ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE pair of hoops and slide off and on the dangles to match your outfit! This keeps your costs down (like reallyyyyy low... some are just $3.00 a pair!) and keeps your BLING FACTOR skyrocketing! HA HA!

These are so very cool, in my humble opinion! I LOVE these dangles! ALL constructed of Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, sterling silver and lampworked beads! Only the best materials are incorporated into my jewelry line!

If you are wearing pink and brown, then slip those on for the day... YES, you can add MORE than one set to each hoop! I usually wear just one or THREE, as in the design world, odd-numbers of things look better than even-numbered things when clustered together. Follow?

SO... CLICK HERE and HERE to see past posts of these earring sets to learn more! If ya want a collection of your own, just email me your color choices and price range and I will let you know what I can do for you! Thanks for taking a peek at me today!

Have a GREAT Evening!

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