Thursday, July 24


Again, for all of my NEWBIES that have just found my blog... Introducing ScissorBling! A simple AND very inexpensive BUT STYLISH way to I.D. your scissors!

I seriously hate going to scrappin' events where we all have the same scissors (usually those rubber ones by Stampin' UP!) and we borrow, or move them, and they get mixed up with someone else's older, duller pair!!!!!! YOU KNOW IT HAPPENS!

Here's a quick pic of two styles of ScissorBlings; Lanyard and Lobster Claw Clasp. Price depends upon the bead type. A honkin' Swarovski crystal is $5.00, a solid small lampwork bead is $7.00 and a larger and more decorated bead is $9.00. You can purchase ScissorBlings separately or in sets where they all match, it is up to you. Email me to request a color of crystal or to see a jpeg of my current lampwork stash that can be made into ScissorBlings! Email is in my profile AND at the top of my blog!

Come back tomorrow for another UPDATE on my offerings!!!

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