Thursday, July 17

So Flattered!

"THE" Marianne Walker, Product Specialist for Copic Markers has honored me with this award!!!!!!!!!! WOW, seriously flattered here!!! Her blog is: I like Markers, and has the best tips and techniques for established and inexperienced Copic-Colorists, like myself. Check out her blog, it will make you want to invest in those babies ASAP!

I LOVEEEEE Marianne's work, she is such a talented artist! She can sketch, draw, color, just about anything artistic! {AND she told me she used to play with a little glass now and then, too!} She is one of those naturals, you know??

Anyhoo, it is so nice to "feel the love" from such a talented individual as Marianne! I really hope to meet her someday soon!

So, I need to share the love with some of my favorites! So, here goes...

1. Tiffany - one of my friends and favorite SUP! downline... Ok, she's my only direct downline...
But she has one great blog of paper crafty ideas! Great Scrapbook pages, cards AND altered art.

2. Kelly - one of my favorite friends... (Tiffany's downline, too)...
She has a great blog, too. She takes some of the best pictures and knows how to incorporate them in a page that will knock your socks off!

3. JenMarie - I just love her AND her artwork!!!
I met her through another site (the next one) and put her in my faves right away. She is just a sweetie and soooooooo talented, too!

4. Allison - Allison's site is awesome! Full of ideas and challenges!
She posted my blog on her blog just one time and I found so many new customers (YO CINDEEE!) AND FRIENDS, like JenMarie! She updates on newbie bloggers and SCS artists daily.

5. Cambria Turnbow - Cami is the absolute best!
I love her blog and SHE is how I found Marianne's I like Markers blog! Cami is an established Copic-Colorist and makes the most beautiful cards!

6. SheetLoad of Cards - Allison is the rockin' crafter AND "CEO" of this one!
I am also a newbie sketch artist on this one, too, but haven't debuted yet. I love SheetLoad because it gives you a sketch and helps you stretch your supplies! You can make more and waste less all at once!

7. Mary Jo Albright - Mary Jo (whom I have never spoken to before) ROCKS art!
She is a winner of SUP! artisan award this year and I have always admired her from afar. Of course her work can be seen just about anywhere, so she's easy to admire! She has the same philosophy as me.... create to stay sane! Check out her site, she is MORE than talented!


JenMarie said...

Aw, you're a dear!
Hee, hee, and I awarded it to you!!

Allison said...

Thanks're sweet!

Cambria Turnbow said...

You are just a SWEET heart miss Nicole! I'm with ya in the same flattered boat to be mentioned on Marianne's blog. WE ROCK... snort! :) Thanks babe... you know I adore you and LOVE your bead work! :)

Tiffany Bauer said...

Thanks so much Nicole!!!! You are such a sweetie and soooooo talented!!!!!

Kathleen said...

Awww, how nice. Congrats on your award Nicole.