Tuesday, July 29


Remember when I posted THIS on Sunday? I had stripped the garden clean of cucumbers and zucchinis! I honestly think the zucchs were only 3" long Sunday night! WOW!! JUST 36 hours later and I have all of this to eat! Seriously! These cucumbers are over 7" long and the zucchs are a tad bit bigger, perfect for sauteeing and frying! These still had the blossoms attached at the ends! Now THAT is fresh!

AND what is UP with that carrot?? HA HA HA! My hubby said it was his hexapus carrot! I just had to share my garden-creations with ya! Ok then, back to the orders and return-emails! If you hadn't heard from me yet, I am working on it! THANKS!



Tiffany Bauer said...

I don't know if I would eat that carrot!!!hee hee!!!! Looks like lots of zucchini bread in your near future!!!

marianne walker said...

My cucumbers haven't grown long enough to eat yet, and I'm still waiting for my tomatoes to turn completely red, but it will be soon. My carrots however, I didn't pull last fall and they went to seed- the seed blossom reaches up to my shoulder!

Anyways, thank you for leaving such insightful comments on my posts. It really helps me know what is helping people or not. Too few people comment.