Tuesday, July 8

For the locals....

My hubby is dropping off a new batch of handmade greeting cards at This Olde House (located on 9th and Newton Streets, here in Jasper, IN) today. I thought I would just mention that since it has been awhile since Karen has had any new ones from me to offer for sale.

The beads are keeping me busy, but hopefully the new schedule I worked out on paper will make AND KEEP me more efficient in all art-aspects, hence making me more balanced. I would like to keep a steady flow going into Karen's store, as well as through Blogger postings and the online shop.

Speaking of THAT devil, I am aiming to have the 'online boutique' up very soon. HOW VERY SOON? How about sometime THIS MONTH? WOO HOO! I have been tweeking the policies and such with friends and family, so hopefully it will happen sooner than later. I really need to take inventory first. I don't want to open it if I only have like four things to offer in each of the sections! What would be the point? Plus, I think it could disappoint people if they go to see the "Grand Opening Reveal" and there isn't anything to look at! DUH! Ha Ha! I really had planned on having it up and running by now, but that nasty surgery/recovery took way longer than expected. You know I am JUST NOWWWWWW feeling 100%? Yes, 8 weeks to the day nearly, and I was told 2-3 weeks, maybe 4 or 5, but at most 6! And I even face issues daily sometimes! So, I hope you can forgive me for the tardiness of the opening, as I have told some people in the past that the store would be open before Summer! OOPS!

I am hoping to stay focused after returning from this week's vacation and make up a stash prior to opening the store officially. Life happens, though, so just remember that I AM TRYING my best to make it happen ASAP! I even took my supplies with me just in case I get inspired, or can't sleep and just want to work on something. I just never know where, when or HOW an inspiration will hit me, so I must be prepared for anything!

I hope you are having a SUPAH DUPAH DAY!!!

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