Saturday, July 19

CALLING DEBBYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a SHOUTOUT to DebbyG who left a comment on another post on HOW to subscribe to my updates. WELL, I use two ways to get updates from my other bloggers. However, I am not a blogger-guru, so you might ask around for other ways, too. BUT, these are the two ways I know of...

FIRST: I use a blog-roll in my left hand column. Of course this requires you to have your own blog. Go to the layout tab and you will see the icon to "add blogroll". Everytime one of these bloggers in my 'blogroll' posts something new, it updates how long ago it was posted (even down to one minute ago). So, all I need to do is check my blog roll every day and I will see if they updated that day.

SECOND: At the end of my blog posts (scroll WAY down)... to the left of "OLDER POSTS" you will see the button to "Subscribe to Posts (Atom)". click on it, and then on the next new page click on the "subscribe" button. This SHOULD put me into your "FEEDS" that is also in the same place as your 'favorites' and 'history'. At least that is where it is on my internet explorer. Then you just have to go to your Feeds, see the Anderson Arts on there, click on it, (you might need to refresh now and then, because I do) and the newest posts should be posted in front of you.

I hope that helps you, DebbyG! And anyone else, too! IF YOU have another way to get updates on new posts, please post it on YOUR BLOG and then link us all up by posting a comment on this post along with your blog addy so we can check it out. THANKS for your interest, DebbyG!

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