Thursday, July 31

86th and Final for July!

I cannot believe that I posted so many blog entries this month, that is just crazy! What is even crazier is that I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to see if I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist... Do you think that has anything to do with the other, or is it just a coincidence! HA!

I have made a pact with myself to work my tail-end off so that I have tons more to show you in August. This should be easy since all four kids will be in school, at least four days a week for three hours each day when Isaac hits preschool in mid-August. WOO HOO! He needs to be fully potty trained, though... we are working on it and he is slowly coming around. I think he just wants to ride the bus home from school with Eli and KayLee, that is the only incentive I guess.

Ok, so my evening didn't go as well as planned. I decided to try something different with the blog (hence the switcheroo on the top) and it got all screwed up. AND of course I can't put it back the way it was because blogger switched out the options I had before. SO, this is what I ended up with after 157,865 attempts to get it right. Yeah, that's what I mean.... didn't get very far, did I? Took forever to try to fix it right and now I gave up. Maybe if I drink some wine over the weekend I will get brave enough to try to fix it again. Wine? Who am I kidding? This calls for some hard stuff! HA HA HA! Just kiddin'!

Have a SUPER morning and I will give ya the results tomorrow after I return from the doctor. It is nearly the weekend, are you as happy as I am??


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