Tuesday, July 29


I just noticed that I have had over 200 hits in the past 24 hours! That is just crazy, isn't it?

Reminder: This is your last chance to vote and get your last entry for the BookBling at the top of the blog; the drawing is tomorrow around noon-time! (see instructions how to vote at top) OH, and if you didn't read below, you may not know that you actually get to PICK your own favortie colors if you win the BookBling, since I gave this one to my mom a couple of weeks ago!

Thanks so much for everyone's voting support and keeping me on page one! Be sure to email me (anderson.arts@insightbb.com) when you vote so I know to give you an entry! I can't tell who votes everyday, so you need to email me just a quickie note with my Ranking (#1, #2, whatever) in the subject line.

Keep your fingers, toes AND eyes crossed so you win!
Have a great night!

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