Sunday, July 20


Hi Linda, I got your 2nd post. In order to use my email by copying, cutting and pasting, you need to take out the spaces in the email addy. I apologize that you aren't linking easily!

Also, you can see July 16th's post HERE, and view my update on the online store that I have under construction. No, I do not have a "Gallery" in which to view my artisan jewelry/gift items. (That is the next project though. I would like to post ALL of my past and current creations just to show what I have created since I began!) In the past, I have just usually posted items on this blog and everyone has emailed me to purchase via paypal or check, etc. Or I sell my wares at craft shows locally here in Southern Indiana

I hope you check back and try emailing again, I have never had a problem hooking up anyone before, so I bet you just didn't see the spaces in the email address. Try copying the one above in this post this time. I REALLY HOPE IT WORKS!

Thanks again for trying to hook up with me!

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