Monday, July 28

Manic Monday

Good Morning, Friends!

I have been up and at it for over an hour now trying to get ready for the day. SO much to do, so little time! I have to get caught up on my blog-roll and see what everyone has been up to since this past Wednesday when I left for my trip. I am really surprised I didn't go through blogging-withdrawal while in Chicago. I guess I needed the break. AND so did my wrist. I am getting carpal tunnel from the typing I think. I picked up a wrist brace at CVS before I left and wore it that day and during the night the next few nights and can now bend my wrist pain-free where I couldn't before. SO, I am guessing that my doctor will tell me on Friday when I go in for my consult that I should just keep doing this as it is helping fix my flexibility and pain-tolerance.

I have made my list of things "To Do" and, boy, is it long! SO, I am going to keep the blogging updates to a minimum without totally dropping off of the face of the earth until my list gets under control.

Please don't forget to check in on SHEETLOAD of CARDS on the 1st of August to see the new sketch-release with wonderful samples! {My debut is in mid-August on the 15th, but I will remind you of that later.} I am wrapping up all of my card samples today for Alicia's approval and then will head to the beading-side of the room to get started on the orders that I received over my Chicago-absence! If you need me, please post a comment here or email (at ) and I will personally return your email ASAP!

And I will try to make a 'Pop-In' post later!

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