Wednesday, July 16


OK, so having three emails just today requesting the online store, I feel I should post an update. I have had the online store ready for over a week, MINUS pictures and descriptions. Policies for shipping, returns, custom orders, FAQ and stuff like that are ready to go.

I have quite a bit in inventory to post, so while I have quite a bit available, I still have a lot to do. Uploading the pictures (which, by the way, I have to re-take because of pixel and memory allotments) and writing up the descriptions for each item is very-time consuming (especially if you know how anal I am!). And being a full-time mom of four at home, all day... well, as you can imagine, it is very difficult to remain steadily busy at one project for any given length of time.

YES, I DO realize that my son is 18 and could be babysitting, but honestly I do not feel it proper for him to be doing my job as the parent. When KayLee dropped something on her toes earlier, I was the one who comforted her and hugged her. I wouldn't feel right having Josh do it or another person like a babysitter doing it. That is why I had kids, to do the parenting myself when able. When I am not able, then I do rely on friends and family, like Josh. But, unless something is life-threatening, my hubby and I are the ones who parent our kids.

Work comes second. well, actually third. God comes first, family second, work third. I know I could use a baby-sitter because doing so would allow me to get more done business-wise. But, I didn't intend on this business being full-time until 2011, so until then, I am keeping to that schedule. I think... no, I KNOW that I would regret putting my art before my kids, if I chose to do so.

AND, in as much as I do wish I could spend more time creating more artisan jewelry, gifts and paper-products, my kids are more important to me and their time with me is so precious. So for now, I am choosing to spend as much time with them as I can, while at the same time never putting my customers LAST. Sleep comes last! HA HA!

On those notes, business is booming, creativity is climbing and the online store will be opening as soon as I can make it happen. My hubby surprised me with an anniversary trip, so that is putting off the website by about a week; and I have been working with some people in the paper-world on future artistic avenues, BUT I expect to be up and running with stuff to show you soon.

So, there you go; a little more insight on the store. I apologize if you are upset that the store is not open yet. I do not wish to disappoint! I do LOVE creating and being a personal jewelry and gift designer for you, so if you need something, I WILL meet your deadlines! I have yet to NOT meet a deadline, you know!!!! But, really, I began this business as a form of creativity, as well as rejuvenation! So, I am not going to stress myself out and rush the store's opening until it is perfect for your viewing-pleasure!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
It will be worth your while, I promise!

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