Wednesday, January 12

An AWARD? for little ol' ME? AW!!!!!

One of my local paper-crafty-galpals, Tiffany, gave this award to me!  Thank You, Tiffany, it's so appreciated!

So, now I shall pass it on!  Here are the rules for those paying it forward: A. Thank the person who gave you the award; B. Share 8 things about yourself; C. Pass this award onto 8 bloggers who inspire you!

About little ol' me....

(1) 2011 is gonna be a SUPAH year!  Not only is my oldest son, Josh, turning 21, but I will be 40 in just 45 days (not that I am counting or anything like that!)!

(2) All of my pets' names start with "P"; I have two cats, Patches and Persian, and one dog, Pepsi! (and I had (another cat) Patches in the past and a Peaches, maltese dog, too!)

(3) I have always loved to color, which is probably why I am a COPIC addict!

(4) I don't mind doing laundry, just HATE putting it away...probably because of all those stairs in my house!

(5) I have moved 22 times in my life and lived in 5 or 6 states (not sure of the number because I was a baby during the first few moves)!

(6) One of my favorite artist/designers is Mary Engelbreit; I love her use of bold colors and contrast even though I don't craft like that at all! Primary colors are NOT my thing! LOL!

(7) I am a Farmville junkie!  It's embarrassing, but I do love my farm!

(8) One of my BFF's daughter is in the hospital with pneumonia and really needs prayers!  Kelsey had a heart transplant at 12 (she's 19 now) so it's kinda scary! SO if you are a prayer warrior, please help!

For my 8 Blogger friends that inspire me, there's .... 

Dee, my sidekick at Meljen's Designs, we are a team!

Melissa Jenkins, creator of Meljen's Designs

Andrea, her softpastel creations are divine!

Sandy, one of my fellow Designer friends and operator of Operation Write Home!

Lori, illustrator of Puddle Jumpers and Sugar Sticks, she makes cute people!

Claudia, owner of Claudia & Co, she's a sweet friend and a fantastic artist, too!

Marianne, she's so freakingly Copically talented, it amazes me!

Gwen, such a loving supportive gal and an awesome scrapbooker!

and an extra to...

Lisa, she's so humble about her talent, and just a great soul!

I would have forwarded this to a few other gals (like the rest of Meljen's Designs DESIGN TEAM and all of the gals on both of Claudia's TEAMS, too!), but they either were already were blessed with it from others and/or I just plain ran out of time!!!!!!  ALL of my favorite crafters and friends are in my sidebar at left!  Take time to click on all of them, because I have the most talented paper-designer-friends around, let me tell ya!

Now, go spread the love
Pray for Kelsey!

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